Animal Farm – George Orwell


Animal Farm by George Orwell,  is a perfect book to understand, how are political system works. First published in England on 17 August 1945. This book has only 112 pages but has so much to learn. This book has the best staire, and I’ve ever read.

It reminds me of the society we live in and have always lived. You can talk about any political standoffs you like but to me, it was more than that. The way I interpreted this book was simply the way human kind is. The way man is and has always been. The thought of freedom. Complete and utter freedom sounds fantastic.

It all looks beautiful, and that’s all fine and dandy except once you get towards the end of the book you come to the realization that it’s not possible. Someone always wants to be the leader. There’s always someone who wants to take charge and who believes they are right. When given that power that power then slowly turns into this ugly thing called greed, and the one who fought against the power is destroyed and lost.
The end of this book was most disturbing of all. The fact that there was no ending. Purely because of the hopelessness of it and the horrible realization that this is how our world is and has always been.

It’s just – it’s timeless, Animal Farm is. With or without context, regardless of relevance to modern life, it captivates its readers with a simple, yet powerfully emotional storyline that never fails to deliver, that remains gripping throughout the entire book, which stays relentlessly in your mind even for years to come. Perhaps for life.

Children can read this and learn about equality, hypocrisy, greed, so on so forth. As adults, we do the same, albeit with context. In fact, I’d recommend for people to read the book as kids if possible because the innocent naivety of a child’s mind makes the story that much more compelling and its message memorable.

There is a reason why this book is a classic; it is a perfect example of how entertainment can be art as well. And it is art because it has a say, and it makes you think not only make you feel.

I honestly believe anyone who wishes to be more than just bystanders of our times has to read this book at least once.

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