Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again – Donald J. Trump



First, I don’t like the title “Crippled America”. This book revolves around Donald Trump.
I read this to know more about Donald Trump’s philosophy.
Reading this will help you to understand him. I like most of his talks, but I’m skeptical as he is now a politician but, the center where the book is revolving that he is not like all other politician and doesn’t care about being politically correct, “He is Donald Trump, a successful businessman, a confident person.” He tells about his business career how he got rich and handsomely handles big and critical projects.
I agree with him, most of the politicians just talk, make speeches, talk sweetly and do nothing. They give a complicated answer to the very simple problems.

These politician also say the same thing that they are not like other politician and would do things in less time than previous but after taking seats, they do the same thing. He starts the book by putting blame on media how they misinterpreted his speeches. He loves Mexican people but media got it wrong, and he’s just talking about the illegal immigrant not all Mexican. He gave simple, straight answers to the big and complicated problems. He talks about all the major issues like tax, employment, education, guns, infrastructure, etc. You’d probably like his thoughts about all the major problems.

According to him, he is a very proficient person to run the country, and you should not have any doubt because he has a very successful career and made billions. Language is simple, most of the sentences are repeated. You should read this book if you’re going to vote in 2016.

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