If I were Prime Minister of India

If I were Prime Minister of India

Often get this topic in the school. Would get 15 marks and had to write around 150 words.

Without knowing economics, geography and demography of the country. I would write, “I will work for the poor, will make Indian modern, everyone will get an A-class education, and no one will be poor.” To make it around 150, I would add “Will make India No. 1 in the country in everything”.

Now, If I get this topic, after so many years. Probably, I will write If I were Prime Minister, I would do something for my family and friends. Certainly, do everything for the Party because they assisted me to reach there.

I will help my allies to open their clientele and will make one of the crucial department to my best friend. I won’t do anything for the poor, though I’ll say I am here for the Poor. I’d probably do anything to help business because they fund me with an open heart. I will go to any limit to save my chair, and will try to deceive through advertisements that how I am making our country great like never before.

I’m writing this because these are the essential conditions to become a Prime Minister.
I don’t know, but this the way system goes.




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