Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion



I got to know about this book on the blog of Bill Gates. However, I don’t read fiction; his review made me read it.

What a complex, intricate, profound and entertaining read!
Adventure laughter, and emotional exploration.

It was a great read, really engaging, the characters were sweet and quirky, the main character is a good guy with various issues, he was so real though and was happy to be himself. I found myself gunning for him! Rosie sweeps into his life which places him into a bit of a spin, life is about to change, and it’s a fun ride while this happens. She was great too, just like in real life it’s nice to meet people who buck the trend and don’t have to be like ‘everybody else’. I recommend this book, it’s a charming story, and I felt like I had a friend throughout.

It is an example of excellent storytelling, and I honestly think it’s a great book to recommend to anyone looking for an Aussie read with an incredible amount quirk and spirit. It has got both in abundance. This author knows what he’s doing!!

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